The Coalition’s proposal to embrace nuclear energy identifies five regions as preferred sites for potential nuclear reactor installations.

A select few regions in Australia are emerging as the prime contenders for the Coalition’s initiative to introduce nuclear reactors, particularly as the party considers replacing retiring coal stations with nuclear energy.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton has pledged transparency with voters regarding the potential locations for nuclear reactor installations, which will be disclosed when the party unveils its policy in the coming weeks.

During an interview on Channel Seven on Tuesday morning, Mr. Dutton affirmed the party’s interest in substituting retiring coal facilities with nuclear ones, citing the advantage of existing infrastructure such as distribution networks.

“If there’s a retiring coal asset, so there’s a coal-fired generator that’s already got an existing distribution network, the wires and poles are already there to distribute the energy across the network into homes and businesses, that’s really what we’re interested in,” Mr. Dutton stated.

This approach significantly narrows down the feasible regions for potential nuclear reactor sites.

Among the federal electorates, Gippsland in Victoria, Hunter in New South Wales, Maranoa and Flynn in Queensland, and O’Connor in Western Australia are the sole regions with coal plants slated for complete closure within the next two decades.

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