A staggering 65% of Korean companies impose penalties on resumes crafted by ChatGPT.

According to a survey released on Sunday by the Labor Ministry and the Korea Employment Information Service, a majority of large companies in South Korea exhibit bias against applicants who utilize artificial intelligence services, such as ChatGPT, to craft their resumes.

The report, based on a survey of human resource managers at the nation’s top 500 companies by sales, conducted from Nov. 20 to Dec. 22 the previous year, garnered responses from 315 out of the 500 firms.

Results showed that 65.4 percent of respondents expressed that if an applicant uses artificial intelligence technologies for resume writing, they would either lower their evaluation (42.4 percent) or outright reject the application (23.2 percent). Furthermore, 64.1 percent of surveyed individuals viewed the use of artificial intelligence for resume creation negatively, citing a “lack of originality and creativity” as the primary reason for their stance.

Despite this negative perception, 73 percent of companies did not make efforts to discern whether a resume had been crafted with the assistance of AI. Only 18.7 percent of companies outsourced the task of identifying AI-written resumes to third-party agencies, while a mere 8.3 percent had internal systems in place to filter out such resumes.

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