Oracle and QMware collaborate to democratize access to quantum computing technology.

While quantum computing remains in its nascent stage for widespread application, Swiss startup QMware asserts that it has devised a method to harness the technology’s promised performance advantages today. Teaming up with Oracle, they aim to democratize access to hybrid quantum computing power.

This collaboration marks Oracle’s initial venture into the quantum computing arena, as confirmed by a representative speaking to Silver Linings. Notably, other major cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft, Google Cloud, and IBM are already exploring quantum services.

Established in 2020, QMware offers two key products: quantum simulation software, providing 42 logical qubits of processing capacity, and a hypervisor. For the uninitiated, a hypervisor is software facilitating the operation of multiple virtual machines on a single computer.

Under this partnership, QMware’s simulation software will operate on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, leveraging Nvidia A100 GPUs. The objective is to enable QMware to evaluate and refine a hybrid quantum computing service, eventually accessible to enterprise clients.

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