Latest updates on the Taiwan earthquake: Significant building collapses reported following the most powerful tremor in 25 years. Meanwhile, Japan has lifted tsunami warnings.

The recent earthquake in Taiwan has claimed at least four lives, according to reports from the national fire agency, with casualties recorded in Hualien County, near the quake’s epicenter. Striking at 7:58 am local time on Wednesday, it marked Taiwan’s most powerful seismic event in 25 years, resulting in building collapses and landslides along the island’s eastern coast. Although the quake triggered tsunami warnings in Taiwan, southern Japan, and northern Philippines, both Japan and the Philippines have since lifted their alerts. The epicenter was situated 25km southeast of Hualien city, as stated by Taiwan’s Central Weather Administration, with Japan’s meteorological agency reporting a magnitude of 7.7 and Taiwan’s earthquake monitoring agency registering 7.2. Significant structural damage was reported, including two collapsed buildings in Hualien County, with rescue efforts underway to save trapped individuals. A total of 26 buildings were reported to have tilted or collapsed, though specific locations were not disclosed. Over 50 injuries were initially reported, with residents trapped in collapsed buildings in Hualien. The earthquake caused widespread power outages, affecting over 87,000 people across Taiwan, and disrupted transportation networks, damaging train lines and necessitating closures of schools and workplaces in Hualien. Taipei experienced intense shaking, leading to the temporary suspension of subway services and the closure of some offices and schools. TSMC, Taiwan’s leading chip manufacturer, responsible for much of the world’s advanced semiconductors, evacuated its production lines. Japan’s Meteorological Agency warned of potential aftershocks of similar intensity over the coming week, echoing the continued seismic activity felt throughout the day.

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