“Unsatisfactory”: Australian Prime Minister criticizes rationale behind aid workers’ deaths.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has strongly criticized Israel’s explanation for the killing of seven aid workers in Gaza, deeming it “insufficient” as global outrage over the incident persists.

Among the victims was Australian citizen Zomi Frankcom, one of seven employees of World Central Kitchen (WCK) who lost their lives when their convoy was struck by an Israeli air strike in central Gaza. The casualties included a US-Canadian dual citizen, a Pole, a Palestinian, and three individuals from the United Kingdom, in what the US-based charity described as a “deliberate attack.”

Albanese, previously condemning Frankcom’s death as “beyond comprehension,” reiterated on Thursday that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s assertion that civilian casualties are an inevitable aspect of war is unacceptable.

“We demand accountability for the circumstances surrounding this tragedy, and the explanations provided thus far are inadequate, particularly the suggestion that such incidents are merely collateral damage of warfare,” Albanese stated during a press briefing in Sydney.

He emphasized that international humanitarian law unequivocally safeguards aid workers from harm while carrying out their duties, stressing that Frankcom’s vehicle was clearly marked as belonging to an aid organization and should have been immune from harm.

“The loss of her life in this manner is a tragic event that has caused immeasurable pain to her family and deeply grieves our nation,” he added.

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