Qantas surprises travelers with a 72-hour flight sale offering deals to over 60 domestic destinations.

Qantas has surprised travelers with a sale lasting just 72 hours, featuring one million seats to over 60 destinations across Australia, spanning 100 domestic routes.

This announcement comes shortly after the airline unveiled a significant expansion to its Frequent Flyer program. The newly introduced Classic Plus Flight Rewards aim to simplify travel on Qantas-marketed and operated flights, including popular international destinations like London, Tokyo, New York, and Singapore.

For domestic travelers planning trips between May and December, the 72-hour sale offers enticing options. From Sydney, fares to various destinations such as Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Tamworth, and Albury are available for under $150, while flights to Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, and other cities can be booked for less than $200. Longer flights to destinations like Alice Springs, Uluru, Perth, and Broome are priced between $300 and $500.

Melbourne-based travelers can find similar bargains, with flights to Adelaide, Hobart, and Launceston for under $150, and fares to Sydney, Brisbane, and other destinations priced under $200. Longer flights to places like Cairns, Townsville, Perth, and Darwin are available for under $300.

For those departing from Brisbane, flights to Sydney, Rockhampton, and the Whitsunday Coast start at less than $150, while trips to Melbourne, Cairns, and Hamilton Island can be booked for under $200. Flights to farther destinations like Hobart, Adelaide, Mount Isa, and Perth range from under $250 to under $400.

Travelers originating from Adelaide can find flights to Melbourne, Kangaroo Island, and Port Lincoln for under $150, while fares to Sydney, Newcastle, and other cities are priced under $200. Flights to Brisbane, Alice Springs, Canberra, and Townsville start at under $250, with trips to Perth, Darwin, and other destinations available for slightly higher fares.

Departing from Perth, travelers can book flights to destinations like Geraldton, Exmouth, and Kalgoorlie for under $250, while fares to Adelaide, Broome, Melbourne, and Sydney start at under $300. Flights to Brisbane and Darwin are available from $349, and a flight to Canberra can be booked for $379.

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