Gold and silver stand firm amidst the turbulence as unrest in the Middle East rattles the crypto markets.

Cryptocurrency assets experienced a notable decline over the weekend, as the crypto economy dipped by more than 5% to $2.3 trillion, while precious metals also faced setbacks, albeit less pronounced than their digital counterparts. Amid ongoing turmoil in the Middle East, gold dipped by 1.18% in the last day; nevertheless, in contrast to bitcoin, it exhibited appreciation against the U.S. dollar over the past week. Recent survey data underscores investors’ optimistic outlook on gold for the upcoming week.

Gold maintains its stability amidst geopolitical tensions; recent surveys highlight prevailing bullish sentiment. On Saturday, tensions escalated with Iran’s drone airstrike against Israel, resulting in a $330 billion decline in the crypto market value. BTC registered a 6.9% drop over the week due to the weekend downturn, attributed largely to the Iran-Israel conflict, with anticipated impacts on U.S. equities come Monday. In comparison, precious metals experienced marginal losses compared to BTC and ETH.

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