New Zealand officials confiscate black boxes from a LATAM plane as they probe a mid-air descent.

After an incident that resulted in over 50 injuries, New Zealand investigators have confiscated the flight recorders from a LATAM Airlines Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. During the flight from Sydney to Auckland on Monday, approximately two hours into the journey, the aircraft experienced a sudden plunge, causing passengers to be thrown into the cabin ceiling, resulting in numerous injuries. The New Zealand Transport Accident Investigation Commission is seizing both the cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder to determine the cause of the mid-air descent. These recorders, commonly referred to as “black boxes,” contain vital data regarding the flight’s trajectory and pilot communications. LATAM, headquartered in Chile, had planned to continue the flight to Santiago following its landing in Auckland. Chilean authorities have initiated their investigation into the flight and are collaborating with New Zealand’s accident investigation authority to gather information.

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