Intel announces new initiatives aimed at expediting the integration of AI into PCs by 2025.

Intel introduces two new artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives as integral components of the AI PC Acceleration Program. These initiatives combine the AI PC Developer Program and the inclusion of independent hardware vendors (IHVs), serving as key steps in Intel’s strategy to optimize and scale AI capabilities across more than 100 million Intel-based AI PCs by 2025.

Carla Rodriguez, Intel’s vice president and general manager of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling, emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering a seamless experience across their platform. She states, “We have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Program by working with the ecosystem. Today, with the addition of the AI PC Developer Program, we are expanding our reach to engage with not only large ISVs but also small and medium-sized players and aspiring developers. Our goal is to drive a frictionless experience by offering a broad set of tools including the new AI-ready Developer Kit.”

The AI PC Developer Program targets software developers and independent software vendors (ISVs), offering a user-friendly developer interface and scalability to adopt new AI technologies. It provides access to tools, workflows, and AI deployment frameworks, along with developer kits featuring the latest Intel hardware related to the Intel Core™ Ultra processor. Updated developer resource pages serve as a central hub for toolkits, documentation, and training resources aimed at optimizing application performance with the Intel Core Ultra processor, maximizing AI and machine learning (ML) application performance, and accelerating new use cases.

Additionally, the integration of independent hardware vendors (IHVs) into the AI PC Acceleration Program enables them to prepare and optimize their hardware for Intel AI PCs. Qualified partners gain access to Intel’s Open Labs and co-engineering support during the early development phases of their hardware solutions and platforms. Furthermore, Intel provides reference hardware to allow IHV partners to test and optimize their technology for maximum efficiency at launch.

Matt King, senior director of Client Hardware Ecosystem at Intel, highlights the program’s expansion, stating, “Intel has already onboarded 150 hardware vendors globally into our AI PC Accelerator Program. We’re excited to scale our innovative hardware and software solutions and bring this momentum to our broad, open ecosystem of developers.”

These collaborations promise significant benefits for end-users in terms of performance, productivity, innovation, and creativity. Intel leads advancements in the AI PC era, empowering ISVs and IHVs while delivering enhanced value to developers. With access to the latest Intel Core Ultra developer kits, optimization tools, and software, opportunities for enhanced compatibility, performance optimization, and global market expansion abound. Intel plans to introduce over 300 AI-accelerated features by 2024 through Intel Core Ultra processors across 230 designs from 12 global original equipment manufacturers.

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