Microsoft is introducing keyboard and mouse compatibility for Xbox Cloud Gaming titles, marking a significant advancement in accessibility and gameplay options for players.

Kris Holt, a Contributing Reporter, provided an update on March 27, 2024, at 1:31 am GMT+5:30, regarding Microsoft’s long-awaited introduction of keyboard and mouse (KBM) support for select Xbox Cloud Gaming titles. Despite initial expectations in March 2022, the implementation was delayed, but now Microsoft is allowing testers on the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring to explore KBM functions on web browsers (Edge and Chrome) and the Xbox PC app. This feature is anticipated to become more widely available soon.

To access KBM support, Game Pass Ultimate subscribers are required (except for Fortnite, which is free to play via Xbox Cloud Gaming) and enrollment in the PC Gaming Preview program. For browser testing, enabling Preview features on the browser is necessary. Supported games may initially display controller elements, but should seamlessly transition to KBM interface upon cursor movement or button press. KBM functionality in browsers requires full-screen mode and clicking on the game stream for mouse input recognition. Exiting KBM mode can be done by pressing F9 or holding the ESC button to exit full-screen mode.

Initially supported titles include Fortnite (browsers only), Ark Survival Evolved, Sea of Thieves, Grounded, Halo Infinite, Atomic Heart, Sniper Elite 5, Deep Rock Galactic, High on Life, Zombie Army 4 Dead War, Gears Tactics, Pentiment, Doom 64, and Age of Empires 2. However, there’s a known issue with Atomic Heart regarding controller-KBM switching while streaming.

This update is particularly significant for players seeking to use KBM setups for first-person shooters without requiring a high-end PC. It also represents progress in accessibility. While Xbox’s cloud gaming technology is robust, it remains to be seen how it will accommodate Fortnite players accustomed to swift building mechanics.

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