Apple Watch users are experiencing issues with ‘Ghost Touches,’ but there’s a straightforward solution available.

Multiple instances have surfaced where Apple Watch users encountered ‘Ghost Touches,’ such as one user reporting that the keyboard spontaneously appeared and typed ‘We are in control,’ while another inadvertently messaged ‘Hello!’ via Slack. In these cases, it seems autofill played a significant role in generating the messages, with the screen bombarded by false inputs and quick access to Slack facilitating unintentional messaging. Apple attributes these ‘ghost touches’ to a software glitch rather than a security breach.

Addressing this issue, Apple rolled out a software update, WatchOS 10.4, earlier this month, aiming to resolve the problem of false touches on the display, as reported by ZD Net. Forum member LD150, known for expertise on Apple’s platform, has also corroborated the glitch across various forum threads.

Fortunately, the root cause appears to be a bug within the previous version of WatchOS 10.3, posing more of an inconvenience than a security threat, despite potential disruptions like spamming PIN codes to lock users out or sending unintended messages.

To mitigate concerns over ‘ghost touches,’ the recommended action is to update the operating system. This can be done through the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, navigating to General, then selecting Software Update.

As a temporary measure, force resetting the watch by holding down the crown button and side button simultaneously for up to 10 seconds (until the Apple logo appears) can also help alleviate the issue.

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