Amid the jet scandal, the Climate Minister is being urged to factor in carbon emissions following the controversy surrounding an RAAF flight.

Calls have been made for Anthony Albanese to mitigate emissions resulting from his controversial use of private jets, following revelations that he and two ministers chartered separate planes to attend the same clean energy event in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Albanese, along with Climate Change and Energy Minister, and Industry and Science Minister, flew to the region from Canberra to announce a $1 billion support initiative for Australian manufacturing in solar technology.

The decision to fly separately in two Royal Australian Air Force jets sparked criticism, prompting Teal MP Zali Steggall to urge the leaders to offset the carbon emissions from their trip.

Steggall emphasized the importance of offsetting emissions and urged the Minister for Climate Change to take action. She highlighted the absence of such luxuries for independent representatives like herself, underscoring the need for accountability in environmental stewardship.

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