An L-plater in New South Wales was apprehended by the police for using a phone cradle while driving.

A young driver on a learner’s permit in New South Wales was recently stopped by Mount Druitt highway patrol around 5:35 pm on March 30 in Eastern Creek, Sydney’s west. Initially pulled over for allegedly driving 34 km/h above the speed limit, the 20-year-old was found to have committed another offense.

Upon inspection, police discovered the driver, behind the wheel of a black Honda, had his mobile phone mounted in a cradle displaying maps, a common setup for many drivers. However, according to NSW Police, while fully licensed drivers are permitted to use phone cradles, learners and provisional drivers are not.

NSW Police clarified that learners and provisional drivers are prohibited from using mobile phones while driving, including for map purposes. However, L and P-plate drivers are allowed to utilize the mobile phone wallet function solely for transactions, coupons, or accessing areas, provided the vehicle is stationary in designated areas like car parks, driveways, or drive-throughs, as outlined on a NSW government website.

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