Farmers in the South West region express concerns that inadequate phone and internet coverage jeopardizes productivity.

Landowners in the Warner Glen and Scott River area express frustration over alterations to the region’s phone service, which they claim are leaving them without reliable communication. Hobby farmer Peter Woods conveyed his dissatisfaction to the Times, highlighting the challenges in accessing phone and internet reception since the nearby 3G tower was deactivated last year. Despite investing in costly antennae for 3G and 4G services and pursuing solutions suggested by Telstra, Woods and his neighbors continue to grapple with poor reception, resorting to extreme measures like driving to hilltops for calls and emails. Concerns extend beyond inconvenience, with worries about emergency alert coverage and diminished farm productivity. Dairy farmer Ross Woodhouse echoes similar sentiments, noting erratic mobile service and its impact on farm technology like irrigation controls linked to the internet. Efforts to address the issue with Telstra and Federal Communications Minister Michelle Rowland’s office have yielded little success. While Telstra suggests coverage limitations may stem from various factors, including distance from towers and terrain, they pledge to collaborate with landowners to find a resolution now that concerns have been brought to their attention.

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